13/14u (Middle School)Boys

2019-20 OKC Storm Basketball will enter its 23rd year providing competitive basketball in the Metro area.   Over the past 22 years our program has won 86 Gold Balls at the HomeSchool National Tournament(the most of any Homeschool program).  Practice begins October 14th.  Be sure to click on our Alumni page to see players that have participated with our program over the past 21 years. For more details you can email Coach Talbott @ kurt.okcstorm@gmail.com.

Anthony Baker – 734-262-1928
Josh Holiday –

The Hive
14414 N Lincoln Blvd
Edmond OK 73013

2019-20 Practice Times
7:30am – 9:30am Wed/Thur/Fri


2019-20 Schedule
11/2 Super Scrimmage Yukon 7th B, 8th G/B
11/7 @ Plainview 7th G/B 8th G/B 4:30pm
11/11-16th Crooked Oak Tournament 8th G/B
11/18 @ Terra Verde 6th, 7th, 8th B, 8th G
11/20 @ Crutcho 8th G/B 5:30pm
11/21-23 Longfellow Tournament 7th G/B
11/25 Lawton Ike 7th & 8th G  3pm,  7th & 8th B 5pm
12/5-7 Deer Creek Tournament 7th G/B
12/5-7 Western Heights Tournament 8th G/B
12/9 @ Oakdale 7th G/B, 8th G/B
12/9-14 Terra Verde Tournament 8th G/B
12/16 @ Del Crest 8th B/G, 7th B/G 2pm(cancelled)
12/18 Crutcho  7th B, 8th G/B 4pm(cancelled)
1/6 @ Lawton Ike 7th G/B, 8th G/B 3:30pm
1/9-11 Western Oaks Tourney 7th G/B
1/9-11 Mayfield Tournament 8th G/B
1/13 @ Lawton MacArthur 7th G/B, 8th G/B 4:00pm
1/16-18th Hefner Tournament 7th G/B
1/20 Del Crest 8th B/G, 7th B/G 3pm(Cancelled)
1/23-25th Alcott Tournament 8th G/B
1/27 @ Enid 7th G/B 8th G/B 4:30pm
1/28  Ponca City  7th B, 8th G, 8th B 3:30pm
1/30 @ Whitter 7th G/B 8th G/B 4:30pm
2/3 @ Ponca City 8th G, 7th B,  8th B 4pm
2/13 Enid 7th G/B 8th G/B 4:30pm
2/20-22 Regionals Kansas City
3/16-21 Nationals
Changes will be in RED



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