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The Oklahoma City Storm was established in 1998. Since then our program has won 93 Gold Balls at the HomeSchool National Tournament(the most of any Homeschool program).  The success of the program has been accomplished by commitment of families, players hard work, knowledgeable coaches, strength of schedule we play and off season training.
Summer Basketball begins the week of May 18th and ends June 24th. We practice Tues/Thurs 8:30am to 10:00am and play in college team camps and high school leagues. 
For more details about the program you can email Kurt Talbott at kurt.okcstorm@gmail.com

The Hive
14414 N Lincoln
Edmond OK 73013

Kurt Talbott 18u – 10th year
Jon Ellis – 18u – 1st year
Eric Harris – 16/18u – 2nd year

2021 Summer Schedule 18u Boys
June 1 @ John Marshall  5:30 & 7:30pm
June 3 EM League 5pm(East Gym)
June 4 & 5 Tulsa Team Camp
June 8 EM League 5pm(Main Gym)
June 14 EM League 9pm(Main Gym)
June 17 EM League 9pm(Main Gym)
June 18-19 OSU Team Camp
June 21-23 UCO Team Camp
June 22 EM League 7 & 8pm(Main Gym)

2021 Summer Schedule 16u Boys
June 2 @ John Marshall 5:30pm
June 4 CCS League  2, 4 & 7pm
June 7  CCS League  7 & 8pm
June 9 @ John Marshall 5:30pm
June 14 CCS League 8pm
June 16 @ John Marshall 5:30pm
June 17 EM League 9pm(Main Gym)
June 21 CCS League 6, 7pm
June 21-23 UCO Team Camp
June 24 EM League 6 & 8pm(East Gym)

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